Virtual Blox

Wenn steckbare Blöcke auf die unendlichen Möglichkeiten der
Virtuellen Realität treffen

Nils Kirchhof, Kerstin Müller, Christoph Fünfzig

There are a plethora of brick systems on the market
these days. Children and young adults play very creatively with the
interlocking bricks. Even adults like the colorful bricks and build
models with them quickly and easily. In this paper we present our
brick system solution for the virtual world, playable with the HTC
Vive and two controllers. For our solution, we transferred the brick
properties of the real world into the virtual one. Play patterns like
grabbing a brick, connecting it to other bricks or releasing it needed
to be converted for the virtual world. Virtual reality is capable of
enhancing the play experience in a way that would not be possible
in the real world. To support the building process, we implemented
several forms of assistance. These were positively evaluated by