Personal Quizmaster

Personal Quizmaster: A Pattern Approach to Personalized
Interaction Experiences with the MiRo Robot

Kathrin Pollmann, Daniel Ziegler

In Human-Robot Interaction, personalization has been proposed as
a strategy to increase acceptance for social robots. The present paper
describes how behavioral design patterns can be used to tailor
the interaction experience to the individual user’s characteristics
and needs. To demonstrate this approach, we designed a quiz game
application for the MiRo robot. The robot acts as the quizmaster
and shows different behaviors (coach-like/empathic vs. challenging/
provocative) depending on the type of user who is playing the
game (community-focused vs. competition-focused player). We describe
the process of creating the two quizmaster personalities and
related behavioral patterns as well as the technical background for
integrating them with the interaction model for the quiz game. The
result is a Wizard-of-Oz demonstration of the personalizable quiz
game that is accompanied by an interactive video prototype remote
for user studies and demo purposes.