Bathing in Lightness

Bathing in Lightness – An Interactive Light and Sound Installation

Simon Stimberg, Angela Brennecke

Bathing in Lightness is an interactive light and sound installationthat seems to be enlivened by a swarm entity trying to explore itsinner world and communicate with the outer one. Consisting of 52filament light bulbs it visualizes the movement of a particle swarmthat is driven by the presence of the viewer and its own inner urge.Visitors can interact with the installation by moving in front of itwhile their movement is followed by the swarm and thus beingtranslated into light and sound – visible inside the cluster of lightbulbs and audible via nearby speakers or headphones.

The setup of the installation in the exhibition (left), the computer simulation of the particle system (center) and thedepth image used to derive and locate the interaction (right).